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Clearly, you need help. The oppressive weight of reality is keeping you awake at night. Your fears have hijacked the road to your happiness.

What you need is therapy ser.

THE VOID has one simple wish, for you to join it in eternal silence. But not yet, your services will be needed come the great day.

That’s why we’re sending 4269 sentient robot psychiatrists to your dimension.

The RareBots will mend your broken mind.

Update: The RareBots have sold out. You can purchase on OpenSea.





As seen in


In 1985, a severely damaged Trog starship breached the Earth’s Interplanetary Defence Barrier. As the stricken planet killer hit the English Channel it split in two, liberating the Pandimensional race known as the Phanackapans from their bonds to their abusive Trog overlords.

In the years that followed, the Phanackapans thrived under the sea, using their powers to manipulate matter to build a home for themselves. But now, these amazing little Pandimensional entities have chosen to use their powers of matter-manipulation for good, to create a cleaner environment for us all.

Pandimensional NFT
PJ Cooper
Pandimensional NFT
Pandimensional NFT
Pandimensional NFT
Pandimensional NFT
Pandimensional NFT
Pandimensional NFT

Description: Matter-manipulating warp-drive engineers
From: Dimension #M4B3L
Class: Personnel / Engineer

Gender: Male/Female/Fluid
Quantity: 460
Traits: 165
Public Price: 0.05 ETH

Creator: Ulysees Funk
Illustrator: PJ Cooper
Token: ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum

Kalaxion Invasion Guide

The Pandimensionals are characters from The Broadcliffs series of novels by acclaimed author and cult-comic book artist Sam Banfield, aka Ulysees Funk. Lovingly illustrated by PJ Cooper, together the duo have created the Pandimensional NFT Universe. Explore the rich tapestry of stories, artwork and lore that will tie together multiple NFT collections, 1/1 limited editions, and more. 



Our roadmap has been designed to continually add value to your genesis NFT. Each phase is dependent upon the completion of the previous phase. Please join our Discord to get full project updates.

Phase 1



The Big Bang

  • The Genesis Pandimensional NFT presale opens
  • The public sale opens 48 hours later.

Phase 2

FREE Cherryade Bar Opens

  • 10% charity wallet and 2.5% community/arts wallet
  • All PFP owners can claim free Cherryade in the bar
  • For every NFT you own, you’ll receive a Cherryade gift.

Phase 3

FREE Cherryade Powered Pandimensional NFTs

  • Feed your NFT with Cherryade and watch it morph into a 2nd Generation Pandimensional (your original NFT will be unharmed)

Phase 4

FREE Pandimensional Hive Egg NFTs

  • Every PFP owner will receive a free Pandimensional Hive Egg NFT
  • Give your Hive Egg some Cherryade and hatch your Hive Egg NFT into a 3rd Generation Pandimensional NFT - you might get more than one hatchling.

Phase 5

Member-only content and merchandise

  • Every NFT owner will receive a free Pandimensional comic NFT
  • Every NFT owner will receive a free Pandimensional story ebook NFT
  • Every NFT owner will get access to Pandimensional merchandise
  • Member-only content on the website is unlocked, with hidden secrets for your tribe

Phase 6

Limited Editions

  • THE VOID limited edition 1/1 NFTs will be auctioned for charity
  • The VOID companions limited edition NFT collection drops
  • The Shadow Machine limited edition 1/1 NFTs will be auctioned for charity

What you get…

  • Membership of a tight-knit community
  • Member-only content, free NFTs, IRL events and much more
  • Exciting roadmap that pushes the boundaries of imagination
  • The commercial rights to your NFT
  • Cool artwork by a team of fun-loving nerds
  • And, we only receive 5% of royalties – of which 10% goes to charity

Let’s clean up your dimension

In return for supporting the Pandimensional NFTs we will donate 10% of our profits to charities that support and ensure a cleaner environment for our children. We are particularly supportive of charities that seek to clean our oceans and decrease the deforestation of the Amazon.

We’ll donate 10% to selected charities when each of our drops have been fully minted and announce which charities have received the donation. But we won’t stop there, every 6 months we will donate 10% of our royalties made on the secondary market.

Meet the team

We’re a team of creatives, writers, technologists and big thinkers who just want to create cool shit, make new friends and build a community to be proud of. We're based in the UK (yes we know Harry and Megan and can get you an invite to Buckingham Palace) and France (oo la la).

PJ Cooper

PJ Cooper


PJ Cooper hails from Dimension #CW122HN. Following stints working with brands such as Apple, Google, Disney, Adobe, Bentley, the BBC, Vitality and Sony Playstation as a designer, coder and product manager, PJ made the decision to create PTCo. with some of the talented friends he made along the way.

Ulysees Funk

Ulysees Funk


Ulysees Funk hails from Dimension #DA68JD. A talented child artist and writer, Funk has been prolific in his creation of characters and stories from an early age. A published author and prodigious talent, he's an enigma you won't see on social media very much. He's currently renovating a fairytale chateau in France.

Join the Tribe

Explore the Pandimensionals NFT Project

The Pandimensionals is an NFT art collection of 2D illustrated NFTs. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We've designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you're looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won't find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.