About PTCo.

We are the Pandimensional Trading Co.™, the only NFT company trading Pandimensionally. We’re proud of PTCo. and love our artists, engineers, talent scouts and community managers. But most of all we love our members (not a euphemism).

When Pandimensional inventor, Satoshi, introduced your dimension to cryptocurrency, they gave you the only type of token that can be used to trade with other dimensions. Which is fortunate for you because the other option was total annihilation.

Our marketplace is your gateway to purchase NFTs produced by beings, like you, from across the multiverse.

The Pandimensional multiverse is vast. It’s not quite infinite, but it’s close enough that you wouldn’t notice the difference – even if you had a really big telescope. Having access to this labyrinth of Pandimensional worlds, time streams, species and artefacts is a privilege.

So take advantage whilst you still can. We mean it.

PTCo. distribute many, many NFT product lines, such as art, antiquities, cultural memorabilia, weapons, vehicles, property, businesses and personnel. Each of the PTCo. collections are sourced from the multitude of dimensions we’ve conquered partnered with and all of them have been meticulously vetted by the PTCo. Quality Control Team.


You are not alone

PTCo. are the friendly face of the Pandimensional community. You may have heard of other Pandimensional entities such as THE VOID or the Kalaxions and should you cross paths with either race, our advice is to smile sweetly and do their bidding.


Be part of something special

Our motto, “Be part of something special”, is definitely not our attempt to assimilate your consciousness into an evil hive mind, or use your organs to construct highly efficient AI cyborgs. No. Definitely not. Please ignore the rumours.

When we invite you to #BePartofSomethingSpecial it’s because when you make a purchase from PTCo. you’re joining a infinite and wonderous Pandimensional community.

Plus, as a member of the PTCo. community you’ll be entitled to a whole host of benefits.



Thank you for considering joining the PTCo. community.

Your friend,
PJ Cooper
Co-founder and CEO

Let’s clean up your dimension

In return for supporting the Pandimensional NFTs we will donate 10% of our profits to charities that support and ensure a cleaner environment for our children. We are particularly supportive of charities that seek to clean our oceans and decrease the deforestation of the Amazon.

We’ll donate 10% to selected charities when each of our drops have been fully minted and announce which charities have received the donation. But we won’t stop there, every 6 months we will donate 10% of our royalties made on the secondary market.

Join the Tribe

Explore the Pandimensionals NFT Project

The Pandimensionals is an NFT art collection of 2D illustrated NFTs. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We've designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you're looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won't find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.