Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY 

Encryption code AZ+3

REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Legends


He who controls the Cherryade controls Broadcliffs.

The above is a famous Broadcliffs saying, although an over-exaggeration, the flow of Cherryade is an essential resource to the criminal underworld of the town.

Cherryade is what humans refer to as a soft drink. This term is itself quite a misnomer, like the drink, with its’ heady cocktail of high sugar levels and strange collection of chemical compounds, is anything but soft. 

It is due to the unique chemical structure of the beverage and inclusion of the compounds anthocyanin, propylene glycol, and traces of formaldehyde that it is so highly sought out by the Phanackapan community of Broadcliffs; that and the fact they like the taste, apparently.

Cherryade is used by the Phanackapans in their cultural events. Their society is based on production, and their output, in manufacturing terms, is phenomenal. As hard as they work, they also put as much effort into having a good time. Work hard, play hard is an Earth expression, yet one which applies to the Phanackapans all too readily. These so-called cultural events, or as they are better known, ‘raves,’ can last for days. Cherryade is a central part of this, due to its effects on the biochemistry of the Phanackpans.

This drink allows criminal gangs to trade with the Phanackapans, as it is one of the very few commodities they cannot construct themselves. And due to the diminutive stature of Phanackapans, even small amounts of the fluid can be very lucrative.

For example, a can of the drink (around 330 ml) will procure you several thousand pounds worth of counterfeit goods.

Of course, not all Cherryade is the same. Qualities can vary, and the most sort after is now the defunct brand called Corona. Bottles of Corona can fetch high prices on the black market.

In shady deals, down darkened alleys, bottles of the liquid are exchanged for large sums of money. This has heightened the often violent demand and led to the horrors of ‘bathtub cherryade.’

It is the gangs of Rose Town that fiercely control the flow of the liquid. The goods produced by this trade are locally known as ‘countie.’ These items can be a straight copy of the object or can sometimes contain modifications tailored to the buyers need.

Although rare, it has been known for a Phanackapan, after imbibing a little too much Cherryade, to add specific features absent from the original design schematic.

The most tragic example of this is the loss of a family of four while watching a particularly nail-biting episode of Downton Abbey. The television involved, a 40’’ flat screen 3D Smart TV, that had been upgraded to include a trans-visual neural relay. Although true that the modification significantly increased the picture quality and resolution, it did so by beaming the images directly into the minds of the viewers. 

The shock at Lady Violet Crawley’s surprise betrothal to the Italian Count proved too much, melting the brains of Mr Nigel Haversack, his wife Valerie, and their two children Michael, and Sandra.