Merry Dance Cherryade Bar

The Secret Cherryade Drinkers Club

Coming soon

Pandimensionals love a drop or two of Cherryade, so we’ll be opening a Cherryade bar to feed all your thirsty Pandimensionals. But be warned, Cherryade does peculiar things to Pandimensionals.




Sold Out

Surprise free mint! THE VOID are sending 4269 sentient robot psychiatrists to your dimension. The RareBots are super cute sentient AI psychiatrist droids that mend broken minds.

Token: ERC-721A tokens on Ethereum

Quantity: 4269



A collection of thousands of NFTs brimming with character. These Pandimensional warp-drive engineers known in their home dimension as Phanackapans are hopelessly in love with Cherryade (which they use in their ritualistic festivals).

Token: ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum

Quantity: 460


This upcoming short-run of single edition super-rare NFTs will be auctioned – with 100% of profits donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

Token: TBC

Cost: TBC

Editions: Short-run of single editions


Don't take our word for it, read reviews of our NFTs from of their happy diamond handed holders.

Pandimensional NFT

Klurgle Sphinkter

Starship Gunner

I often woke up in the night screaming, perhaps due to the stresses of interstellar battles. But since I got my RareBot, I just don’t sleep at all. Thank you PTCo.

Pandimensional NFT

Arthuuur Flvck

Part-time Clown

I hated myself, everything about me. My face, my involuntary chuckle, my skinny back, my weird limp. But my RareBot has taught me to see the funny side. Now who’s laughing mom?

Karen T.


I don’t know why, but I always felt compelled to berate store clerks and to speak to the manager of every store I visited. My RareBot has helped me live, laugh and love again.


Pro Gamer

Gaming is my life, I became addicted and my mom wouldn’t give me a break. So I got her a RareBot for her birthday, now she just sits in the corner grinning and leaves me alone. PTCo. rocks.

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