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How do I buy a PTCo. NFT?

There’s lots of ways to own an NFT from PTCo.

If you’re new to NFTs
Get yourself a Metamask wallet. This will enable you to buy Ethereum and use it to make purchases via our ERC-721 smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Add the Metamask plugin to your browser, or download the app from the app store – it has a built in browser to enable mobile NFT purchases.

How to install and use Metamask

How to buy ETH and transfer it to Metamask

When a collection is active and available for sale, you’ll find a “MINT ME” button on the collection’s page. Just hit that button and away you go! If there’s no “MINT ME” button, it means the sale’s not active yet. You can follow us on Twitter to get updates on when the sale will be active. If a collection has sold out, you’ll see a “VIEW ON OPENSEA” button instead.

Our NFTs are made available in a variety of ways:

1. Late reveal: This means you can mint (buy) an NFT from our website – but you won’t know which NFT you’ll get until after we’ve revealed the artwork. The beauty of this is that NFTs within our collections are priced the same, yet some are much rarer than others. This means you could pay a very low price for an NFT that may be worth much more than what you paid for it.

2. Insta reveal: This means you can mint (buy) an NFT from our website – and you’ll immediately see your artwork on OpenSea (if OpenSea isn’t having one of it’s bad days).

3. Auctions: Some of our single-edition collections will be sold via auction on websites such as Foundation. That way you can see exactly what you’re buying, but you have to compete with other buyers.

4. Secondary marketplace: When our NFTs are minted, they’ll automatically be available to view on OpenSea. Some PTCo. members may choose to sell their NFTs on OpenSea. And some may be open to offers if they’re not actively selling. You may pay more than the original mint price, but if you really want a specific NFT, OpenSea is where you need to go.

5. Airdrops: We often airdrop NFTs as part of giveaways. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, join us on Discord and become an active PTCo. community player for your chance to get a free airdrop.

6. A note about gas fees: We don’t control the price of gas required by the miners to mint your NFT from our smart contracts. We’ve optimised our contracts to keep the gas fee as low as possible, but during times of peak network activity, you may end up paying more in gas fees than the price of the NFT. This is outside of our control. NFT creators are always looking for ways to hep reduce gas fees for collectors, and as Ethereum improves, we expect gas fees to reduce. Our advice is to read up on how to manage your Metamask wallet as there are ways to manage gas fees so either you don’t overpay, or you you don’t miss out on an NFT.

Who are PTCo?

Despite our laboured attempts to try to convince you that we’re a pandimensional corporation, we’re actually a collective of artists, writers, techies and marketeers based in the UK and France. This is a part time job for us, we have “proper” jobs, but we’d like to make PTCo. our main job. You can read about the team here.

Can I get a refund on my NFT?

We want to be cool with you, but if you buy an NFT and you’re not happy with it, then we cannot provide a refund. You can resell it on OpenSea. If there’s a genuine issue with your NFT, or it was bought by mistake let us know and we’ll do whatever we can to help. We want our members to be happy. If you try and mint one of our NFTs and your transaction fails but you still paid gas for the transaction, there’s not a lot we can do about it (sorry), unless it was part of a special promotion or raffle. The terms of these types of promotions and raffles will be published on the collection’s page, so if you don’t see these terms on a collection page, please assume that the collection you’re purchasing does not include gas refunds.

Do I own the commercial rights to my PTCo. NFT?

Yes! As long as you hold the token in your wallet, you are free to make commercial gains from your NFT. Full details can be found in our Terms and Conditions. We also retain the commercial rights to all our creations, but what you do with yours, and whatever money you make is yours. Period.

There’s a problem with the website

Our team of web developers and engineers work REALLY hard to make sure our website is running smoothly. If you experience any issues, please raise it with us on Discord using the button below,

Anything else?

Send us a message on Discord or DM on Twitter and we’ll try and help you.

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