Cosmic, matter manipulating, cherryade-loving NFTs… 

Congratulations. You’ve just found something special.

The Pandimensionals warp into your dimension in the springtime. Join us as we embark upon a Pandimensional journey across the metaverse, and beyond.


The Pandimensionals NFTs

These poor little critters crash landed on our planet. Free from the shackles of their Trog overlords, the matter-manipulating, fun-loving freaks thrived and multiplied off the South Coast of England. Known by some as Phanackapans, they have a peculiar way of breeding. Cherryade may be involved. We can’t be sure.

Description: Matter-manipulating Pandimensional freaks
From: Dimension #M4B3L
Genders: Male / Female / Fluid
Available: 10,000
Traits: 250+
Price: 0.07 ETH
Image host: IPFS
Creator: Dr Grippa
Illustrator: PJ Cooper
Token: ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum

The Pandimensionals presale is in Spring 2022

The fun doesn’t end there!

The Pandimensionals are part of a wider universe created by author Ulysees Funk in his series of novels, The Broadcliffs saga. You can read about the stories, characters, locations, legends, gizmos and more in the wiki.

In summer we’re opening a Cherryade Bar to feed your Pandimensionals.

Cool artwork by a team of fun-loving nerds

Membership of a tight knit community of artists, creators and fans

We give back to our fans: member-only content, air drops and more

You own the commercial rights to your NFT

Let’s clean up your dimension

In return for supporting the PTCo. we’ll donate 10% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organisation developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. To achieve this objective, they have to work on a combination of closing the source and cleaning up what has already accumulated in the ocean and doesn’t go away by itself. This goal means they plan to put theirselves out of business – once they have completed this project, our work is done.

We’ll donate 10% to The Ocean Cleanup when each of our drops have been fully minted. But we won’t stop there, every 6 months we’ll donate 10% of royalties made on the secondary market.

Join PTCo. #BePartofSomethingSpecial

Meet the team

We’re a team of creatives, writers, technologists and big thinkers who just want to create cool shit, make new friends and build a community to be proud of. We're based in the UK (yes we know Harry and Megan and can get you an invite to Buckingham Palace) and France (oo la la).


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The Pandimensionals is an NFT art collection of 2D illustrated NFTs. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We've designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you're looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won't find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.