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The Pandimensionals Presale gives you access to mint 24 hours before the public sale AND you get two FREE when you mint one.

Enter your ETH wallet address (not ENS) below to get added to our presale allowlist. If you win a spot, you will get a guaranteed chance to mint during our presale period. Your Twitter account is required so we can notify you ahead of the release if you won a spot. Multiple entries will only be counted once.

Please follow our Twitter account and join our Discord server for more alpha, sneak peaks and for your chance to meet the doxxed artists behind the project, PJ Cooper and Ulysees Funk.

As a thank you to our community for their support and patience, we’ve decided to give everyone on the WL who mints during the presale an extra TWO free Pandimensional NFTs.

How will it work?

1. If you’re on the WL, you’ll be able to mint ONE NFT during the 24 hour presale period for 0.05 ETH.

2. When you mint your NFT during the presale, you’ll immediately receive a further two FREE NFTs + gas costs

3. This offer is only open to wallets on the WL.

4. We are only accepting 1000 wallets on the presale WL.

5. We currently have 552 wallets on the WL.

6. Each wallet on the WL can only mint once during the presale period.

7. You’re free to do what you like with your free NFTS. Sell them before or after reveal so you can buy a Pandimensional on the secondary market that you really want. Hold them for when the Cherryade Bar opens. It’s completely up to you

8. Immediately after the presale ends, the public sale will open.

9. All wallets will be able to mint up to 10 NFTs for 0.05 ETH each during the public sale period.

10. The NFT artwork will be revealed approx one week after the public sale ends.

11. If the collection does not sell out during the public sale within 4 weeks, we’ll close the public sale and reveal the artwork.

12. All prize NFTs won during the various competitions we’ve run, and the teams NFTs will be distributed during the WL period.

13. After the collection sells out, Phase 2 of the roadmap will be triggered. We’re planning to announce the mint date very soon, please watch this space for announcements.

If you have any questions, please drop them in the 📣|ama channel on our Discord.

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The Pandimensionals is an NFT art collection of 2D illustrated NFTs. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We've designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you're looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won't find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.