Phanackapan Tribes

The Earth dwelling Phanackapans (PKPs) have organised themselves into tribes. It’s not known whether their tribes are universal or specific to this environment. Perhaps there are more tribes spread across the universe? 

Each tribe has specific characteristics and is led by their Tribal Priest and Tribal Chieftain.

Unlike the feudal tribes of Earth, often known as “Politicians”, PKP tribes are known to work and party together without prejudice. Their common purpose transcends tribal differences. Earthlings could learn a thing or two from the PKPs.


The Lost Followers of McDoom

Members: 21      Rarity: Legendary

The Phat Dimension Theorists

Members: 20      Rarity: Legendary

The Children of Mer

Members: 22      Rarity: Legendary

The Grand Masonic Bridge Society of Flurgle

Members: 24      Rarity: Epic

The Devotees of Debra’s Divine Grace

Members: 24      Rarity: Epic

Lost Tribe of the Unutterable Poon

Members: 26      Rarity: Epic

Collective of the Fourth Cycle

Members: 30      Rarity: Rare

The Seekers of the Lost Truth

Members: 30      Rarity: Rare

The Seers of the Hidden Way

Members: 33      Rarity: Rare

The Purple Kneed Devout

Members: 37      Rarity: Uncommon

Gunkle Bearers of Magoon

Members: 46      Rarity: Common

The Warp Guardian Elders

Members: 46      Rarity: Common

The Mystics

Members: 61      Rarity: Common

A word or two on The Mystics, the most common tribe amongst the Phanackapan colony on Earth. Perhaps the most important tribe too? We shall continue to monitor their activity with interest. Expect further updates.

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