The Phanackapans (aka Pandimensionals) are one of the many non-indigenous species that live in Broadcliffs. A relatively recent arrival, the Phanackapans were brought to Earth by their overloads, that hideous race known as the Trogs. 

Pandimensional NFT

The story of that day is too lengthy to go into detail in this entry, and although the event itself, The Great Siege of the Event Horizon, is an important, and one could call a critical part of the Broadcliffs story, we shall skip it for the present.

On a purely physiological aspect, The Phanackapans are tiny creatures roughly the size of a small child’s fingernail. An interesting characteristic regarding their appearance is that no two are identical after their initial growth cycle from their hive egg. Making distinguishing individuals a simple task. Whether they evolved on some distant planet or were created in some laboratory is a point of debate, especially for the Phanackapans. It is considered a great form of impoliteness to even ask about this. Their legends talk of a homeworld, but there is no evidence to back this up, and it could be just a myth.

The Phanackapans of Broadcliffs are the only free ones in the entire universe. The others are bred, hatched, and die in the supermassive engines that power the transdimensional warships of the Trog battle fleet. The harsh conditions inside these colossal machines make traditional maintenance an impossibility. Even the most advanced technologies break down in the face of the warped environment. The swarms of nanobots controlled by mighty artificial intelligence like in most ships would crumble and fold, much like the shredded fabric of spacetime within the engines. The solution the Trogs discovered was the Phanackapans. 

Phanackapans are incredibly useful and helpful creatures. These positive characteristics led to their downfall and subsequent enslavement (That, and their ability to manipulate matter). Phanackapans can transform simple materials into far more complex ones. I believe that although this gift could have been an innate ability in their original form, it has been strengthened through genetic manipulation, that or mutated, through their exposure to the strange radiations found in the drive cores of interstellar spacecraft.

There are no leaders in Phanackapan society. Individuals take responsibility for specific tasks and then relinquish them straight after the endeavour is done. On the face of it, this can seem a pretty chaotic way of doing things, yet they are very efficient workers, rarely making mistakes.

Broadcliffs seems the perfect environment for these beings, and they have slotted in well with certain aspects of the general community. Like most of the ‘others’, they stay out of sight and keep themselves to themselves. There is, of course, the illicit Cherryade trade, which encompasses most of their social interactions.