Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY 

Encryption code AZ+3

REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Locations


Rosetown comes with a warning. And the warning is this: don’t go there.

First appearances would tell you that Rosetown is just another bleak rundown housing estate. It is located on the northern tip of the town, and conveniently hidden by Gadarene’s Drop, the high cliff that dominates that area. The first clue that all is far from the norm, would be the odd way the five thirteen-storey tower blocks are positioned. Four of the structures face inwards to each other, perfectly placed in a north, south, east, and west direction (the towers are named Geber, Magnus, Paracelsus, and Newton respectively). The final tower (Zosimus) is set apart from the others.

This strange geometry has been pondered over since the plans were first hung in the town hall. The opinion is divided, and out of the many possible theories, two main explanations have arisen. One claims that the buildings have been constructed on ancient Ley lines, mythical highroads of cosmic energy, which traverse the planet. The other suggests that the site hides one of the first particle accelerators, and is often cited as the cause of the strange power fluctuations that plague the town. Whatever the truth, on my few brief visits the sensor readings did indicate that the fabric of space-time was indeed very weak in the vicinity – which suggests a lot and explains nothing. An anecdotal aside, never use the lifts in any of the buildings. I made this serious error- the full horror of what I found can be read in Division 14nm, 87gt, and complete subsection beta.

Returning to more sociopolitical aspects, local law enforcement rarely visits, and when they do it is in large numbers and heavily armed. The estate is fought over by various gangs, each named after the tower block they represent. Conflicts are generally fought over the illicit cherryade racket that fuels the trade in pirated goods made by the Phanackapans (see division 20bh, subsection z omega). At present the Newtonian gang is dominant, but even they steer clear of the Zosimus gang, who are looked upon as the overlords of the area.

In conclusion, I find no overall strategic value to the place. Adding to that the high level of causalities that would be incurred securing the estate; my suggestion would be to flatten Rosetown using Ion cannons placed in low orbit.