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Do you have an idea for a Pandimensional NFT product? Our team of artists can create a collection on your behalf to enable you to trade via PTCo.

You don’t need to be a PTCo. token holder, or even be able to draw, we’ll do it all for you.

The entry barrier is simply your imagination.

You’ll receive 80% of the retail price for all your initial sales AND secondary sales automatically via our custom ERC-271 contract.


How does it work?

It’s simple, either write down a brief description or create a quick sketch of your original, unique idea. It must be your idea and you need to have done your research to ensure it’s not been done before.
We’re looking for ideas that will enable us to create programmatically generated characters, like the Beepity Bots and Pandimensionals.

Include your ideas for:

  1. The name of the collection
  2. A base character e.g. an ape, a fox etc
  3. A list of 4-6 traits and some properties e.g Eyes: sad, happy, stoned; Mouths: grin, tongue out
  4. Tell us what makes your idea unique and why you think we should work with you
  5. If you’ve got examples of other artwork you’ve created, let us know
  6. Your ETH wallet account ID so we can send you ETH, and if you own a PTCo. NFT it’ll bump you up the review wait list 



Our motto, “Be part of something special”, is definitely not our attempt to assimilate your consciousness into an evil hive mind, or use your organs to construct highly efficient AI cyborgs. No. Definitely not. Please ignore the rumours.

When we invite you to #BePartofSomethingSpecial it’s because we’ve built something that can change people’s lives and we want to work with people that have the same values as us.

Thank you for submitting your idea.

Your friend,
PJ Cooper
Co-founder and CEO

P.S. We receive lots of ideas, we try to review them all and respond as quickly as possible, but if you don’t hear back from us within 28 days please assume that we are not able to move forward with your idea. 

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The Pandimensionals is an NFT art collection of 2D illustrated NFTs. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We've designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you're looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won't find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.