Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY

Encryption code A12Z11
REF (16/05/22)


The Children of Mer

Who are the Children of Mer, and what do they know? And one might ask, why aren’t they telling us? What part of Earth’s true history did they discover buried deep below the ocean floor? Did they dig too deep and uncover a story that shouldn’t be told? Awake a fear that had laid dormant for aeons? Or did they find a treasure they were unwilling to share with the other Phanackapan tribes? What is known is that they follow intently the coming and goings of the hairless apes that swarm the surface yet refuse to interact with those they study. 

Tribal Leaders

Hatty Yardbirds
  • Rank Tribal Chieftain
  • ID #54
  • Rarity Legendary

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Slim Knickers
  • Rank Tribal Priest
  • ID #39
  • Rarity Legendary

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