Gunkle Bearers of Magoon
Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY

Encryption code A12Z11
REF (16/05/22)


The Gunkle Bearers of Magoon

Construction is the basic fact of all reality. Dreamers can dream, and the nerds can think, but someone needs to put this stuff together at the end of the day. No Phanackapan knows the inner workings of the matter manipulators the Phanackapans use to create the world they live in and trade with the surface-dwelling humans. Of all the tribes, the Gunkle  Bearers of Magoon have the closest contact with the outside world. This leads to claims they are corrupted by it.

Tribal Leaders

Houndboi Gigglesnatch
  • Rank Tribal Chieftain
  • ID #293
  • Rarity Legendary

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Thermo Yonkers
  • Rank Tribal Priest
  • ID #262
  • Rarity Legendary

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