Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY

Encryption code A12Z11
REF (16/05/22)


The Lost Followers of McDoom 

In general, Phanackapans are, by their nature, a peaceful and friendly species of Pandimensional being. They live to explore the wonders of existence, unravelling the deep meaning and workings of the universe. Fully aware that its beautiful complexity will always elude them, this tribe blissfully continue in their efforts – for the chase is more often the greater reward. But beware this outward display of harmony, because when their way of life is threatened, the Lost Followers of McDoom are always prepared to defend the entire Phanackapan community. Calling upon the technologies of every Phanackapan, the tribe heeds the call of their friends and families without fail. Destruction awaits those that face them.

Tribal Leaders

Groony McDoom
  • Rank Tribal Chieftain
  • ID #13
  • Rarity Legendary

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Cosmic Jonnie
  • Rank Tribal Priest
  • ID #35
  • Rarity Legendary

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