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REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Legends and Locations


What exactly is the Merry Dance?

That in itself is a good question. The first obvious answer is what it is known to be: a Pub ( a public house where you imbibe alcoholic beverages). Or perhaps the better description is that it was a Pub.

How it is that the place is still in the public consciousness of the denizens of Broadcliffs nearly a century after its demise? It is without a doubt that the site is one of the greatest legends of the town.

There are several aspects to the Merry Dance that seemingly defy description. For a start, the exact location itself is a well-guarded secret. The last physical remains of the building itself were destroyed in the early part of the twentieth century to make way for a car park.

The Merry Dance 

Because we know that The Merry Dance no longer has a physical location in Broadcliffs, we can ask, where was it? Archaeological findings pre-date the place before humans even started dating things. Because although now the site where it once rested is a car park, it was not always so. The ground may now be black with tarmac, but once it was red with blood.

For many hundreds of years, a popular form of killing people was hanging. It involved a noose being tied at the end of a rope. The human had its head placed into the loop and was made to fall a certain height. This would result in their eventual death, pretty much most of the time. Humans considered this act was a spectacle worth watching.

In a rare act of kindness, it was the tradition in Broadcliffs that the condemned man, or woman, was allowed one last alcoholic beverage before their big moment.

This was served in the Merry Dance, named after the crowd’s favourite part of the show, the final act. The victim’s body, deprived of its so essential air, would go into a fit of jerking and spasming.

A very Merry Dance indeed.