Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY

Encryption code A12Z11
REF (16/05/22)


The Phat Dimension Theorists

It is often difficult to understand exactly who we are. Our very selves change hourly as perceptions of our id seem to evolve in respect to our current reality. The Phat Dimensional Phanackapans have the answer to this mystery and fully embrace it. They propose we are all Pandimensional beings that float into different existences. The Phat Dimensional Theorists are in contact with each of their parallel selves on a constant basis. As you can imagine, it’s terribly tricky getting a solid pizza order out of any of them.

Tribal Leaders

Urkon the Great
  • Rank Tribal Priest
  • ID #102
  • Rarity Legendary

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Nipps McPointy
  • Rank Tribal Chieftain
  • ID #109
  • Rarity Legendary

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