Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY

Encryption code A12Z11
REF (16/05/22)


The Purple Kneed Devout

When liberty is considered a higher virtue than all others, then Purple Kneed Devout encapsulate this idea entirely. Truly free, one cannot count at all on the production from this tribe of party animals. They specialise in creating good times and mind-blowing experiences. Strangely, the other tribes hold The Purple Kneed in very high regard, and to throw a party without at least one member of the Kneed seems like a dull affair in the making.

Tribal Leaders

Rendi Soulchild
  • Rank Tribal Chieftain
  • ID #218
  • Rarity Legendary

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Aily Zulu
  • Rank Tribal Priest
  • ID #212
  • Rarity Legendary

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