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This announcement is brought to you by THE VOID Communications, Nightwalker, Unionist and Triumvirates Support Group (CNUTS) .

Clearly, you need help. The oppressive weight of reality is keeping you awake at night. Your fears have hijacked the road to your happiness.

What you need is therapy ser.

THE VOID has one simple wish, for you to join it in eternal silence. But not yet, your services will be needed come the great day.

That's why we're sending 4269 sentient robot psychiatrists to your dimension. The RareBots will mend your broken mind.


WTF is a RareBot?

RareBots are a special, very rare one-off collection of 4269 NFTs from the Pandimensional Trading Co.

How do I mint?
Pandimensionals NFT holders can mint up to 25 for free during the presale, and will pay 0.001 ETH during the public sale.

Everyone can mint up to 100 for 0.001 ETH each during the public sale.

What's the utility?
Apart from regaining your sanity thanks to the superior psychiatry AI? Nothing. Well, we haven't planned anything yet but who knows, things might change.



Don't take our word for it, read reviews of our NFTs from of their happy diamond handed holders.

Pandimensional NFT

Klurgle Sphinkter

Starship Gunner

I often woke up in the night screaming, perhaps due to the stresses of interstellar battles. But since I got my RareBot, I just don’t sleep at all. Thank you PTCo.

Pandimensional NFT

Arthuuur Flvck

Part-time Clown

I hated myself, everything about me. My face, my involuntary chuckle, my skinny back, my weird limp. But my RareBot has taught me to see the funny side. Now who’s laughing mom?

Karen T.


I don’t know why, but I always felt compelled to berate store clerks and to speak to the manager of every store I visited. My RareBot has helped me live, laugh and love again.


Pro Gamer

Gaming is my life, I became addicted and my mom wouldn’t give me a break. So I got her a RareBot for her birthday, now she just sits in the corner grinning and leaves me alone. PTCo. rocks.

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The Pandimensional Trading Co is an arts collective. Our first NFT collection was 460 2D illustrated NFTs called Pandimensionals. Use your Pandimensional NFT as your profile picture on social media and stand out from the crowd. We’ve designed the Pandimensional NFTs to be representative of everyone, no matter your ethnicity, faith, gender or sexuality. If you’re looking for cool NFTs to use on your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account, you won’t find a better one than a Pandimensional NFT.