Meet the team

We’re a team of creatives, writers, degens and big thinkers who want to create cool shit, make new friends and build a legacy to be proud of. We’re based in the UK and France (Dimension #CR15513).

PJ Cooper

PJ Cooper

Lead Artist and Founder

PJ Cooper hails from Dimension #CW122HN. Following stints working with brands such as Apple, Adobe, Disney, Bentley, the BBC, NHS, Vitality and Sony Playstation as a designer, coder and product manager, PJ made the decision to create PTCo. with some of the talented friends he made along the way.

Likes: Dogs, karma, clean cutlery, The Prodigy, hot tea, doxed founders
Dislikes: Tardiness, flaky skin, warm weather, cold tea


Ulysees Funk

Ulysees Funk

Concept Designer and Writer

Ulysees Funk hails from Dimension #DA68JD. Funk has worked as a professional illustrator and author for over 35 years publishing books and comics for the underbelly of society (Stanley Bones and the Great Dinosaur Mystery, Dead Fly Pie). He is officially an enigma.

Likes: Cats, Planetary Annihilation, books over 1000 pages, doing the laundry, The Cardigans. Doodling.
Dislikes: The monarchy, fascists, people who think a luxury chateau wedding with 150 guests costs less than $100k



Dan Thedev

Dev Lead

Dan is a highly experienced web3 developer. Dan has worked on 20+ smart contracts in the last 12 months alone, for some big name projects you’ll probably have heard of.  Dan manages our team of engineers. He’s our guardian angel and the bedrock of our organisation.

Likes: Warm weather
Dislikes: Long plane flights

Dan Cholerton

Sam Cavendish

Marketing and Community Manager

Sam leads our Marketing and Community Management team. Sam is a masters level marketing post-graduate with a passion for crypto and NFTs and a Discord guru.

Likes: Pointy beards, chocolate, Twitter, Jon Snow
Dislikes: Gremlins, the bottom of the barrel, strange smells



We are not THE VOID

We are in no way affiliated with those messed-up dudes that are trying to destroy the Pandimensional multiverse. Don’t listen to the rumours.

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