Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY 

Encryption code AZ+3

REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Notable Figures / Races / Legends



Every known species, throughout the known universe, understands fear. It is a powerful tool in certain hands, a lifesaver in others. Entire galaxies can be ruled with it. Fear can cause changes in body chemistry, giving us greater strength, or swifter feet. For every species in the universe, the causes of fear are as varied as you can possibly imagine. Although there is one fear that every single sentient being shares. 

That is the fear of the dark. 

Many theorize that it’s the lack of light that induces foreboding; that or what the mind imagines lurking in the shadows. But as we Kalaxions know, the horror, is the darkness itself.

Humans have already began to see the truth, although what they have discovered is only the first signs of the terrible reality. Earthlings call it dark matter, we call it the Void. 

I believe humans to be aware of the Void to some degree. The unthinkable thought, so terrifying they spend their lives just trying not to think about it. They just try to forget. For them, fear of the darkness is a childhood fantasy.

Yet I feel deep down, buried deep in their genetic memory the truth remains, why else would they create their religious texts that offer false succour to the terrible reality. 

The cold embrace of the Void is all that awaits after death. We are never alone, not in the deepest regions of space, not in the comfort of our beds. The Void is always there. Trying to break through, calling us, along with the rest of the universe, into its silent eternity. It longs for the peace that once existed, before us, before everything. It harbours the injustice of the sweet silence that was taken from it. It hates the light and all those who dwell within it. 

It is both legion and a single mind. It takes many forms, and loathes the fact that it must do this, to regain that which it has lost. 

And it is only the thin veil of reality that protects us.

We know that the universe and all its matter therein is stable, most of the time. The Void, although never far, is separated from us by the very state of existence. 

The problem here, in Broadcliffs,  is the very fabric of space-time is so stretched, so interwoven, and so tangled that unspeakable things can slip through, frequently doing so. 

There is no tactical suggestion I can make against the constant threat of the Void; greater Kalaxion minds than mine have pondered that very question. Perhaps the humans have the best solution after-all, that is just trying to forget. For to even attempt to imagine a terror so vast and all-consuming could only lead to madness. Better to write the whole thing off as a bad dream, one we can cure by the flick of a switch, so the light can once again banish the shadows.