Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY 

Encryption code AZ+3

REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Races


Shock Troops of The Void, and probably the most feared sentient beings of any significant dimension. How they and their Void ships are formed and in what crucible of hate remains a mystery. But when the Void creates these abominations, it fills them with all the malice and contempt it harbours for creation. 

Once spawned, the Trogs have a simple goal, the complete and utter annihilation of everything. 

The exact relationship between the Trogs, their Void ships and the Phanackapans is still unclear. In fact, the very existence of Phanackapans was mere conjecture until their presence in Broadcliffs was confirmed. Before then, only their distress calls from Void ship engagements hinted at their presence.

After the Void ship collides with a planet that’s unfortunate enough to be their target, the Trogs enslave the population through brute force or subterfuge and set about building their awesome Shadow Machines. 

Thankfully, in regards to the Broadcliffs phenomena, they are in a highly weakened condition due to the events surrounding their crash landing just off the coast during the breach of 1985. With most of the ship destroyed and the Phanackapan crew liberated, the Genesis Pod collided with a cargo ship headed out of the port. The Pod, badly damaged and barely functioning, scanned for lifeforms so that the nascent Trogs could assume the host form. 

In error, it locked onto a container of ‘Kutey Kawaii Kitties’, a children’s toy that was being shipped back to Taiwan due to dangerous design faults. 

Limited in number and weak in form, somehow, the surviving Trogs made it to the labyrinthian sewer beneath Broadcliffs, where it is believed they reside to this day.