Kalaxion Invasion Guide EYES ONLY 

Encryption code AZ+3

REF (23/22) Division 66bd/Subsection Orientation Basic Primary Clause: Legends and Locations


Wreckers Mount is the highest point for miles around.

From the top, the whole of Broadcliffs lay before you. The locals used to light fires at its peak to lure unwary ships onto the vicious reefs that lurked under the waves, just out of the harbour. They would collect the spoils from the resulting wrecks the morning after.

On the highest point of the hill, a massive oak tree had grown. Perched in its upper branches was the secret headquarters of The Rat Catchers’ Guild.

A large tree house had been built there during the Second World War. The green camouflage paint that had covered the armour-plated hull had rusted off in places.